Welcome to the website of Jelly Time – Australia’s first DIY (do-it-yourself) Jelly Shots Kit. Jelly Time was launched in Melbourne in 2012, however is currently positioned in Perth, WA.

Our Jelly Time – Jelly Shots Kits provide an easy, “all-in-one” kit for your next party or occasion. The specially crafted kit includes 4 sachets of quick set Jelly, a no-mess squeezy bottle to mix all your jelly ingredients and 50 EZ-Squeeze shot glasses that are reusable, recyclable & unbreakable!

Whilst our Jelly Time Kits are designed to be made with alcohol, our kits are alcohol free and any alcohol must be purchased separately.

Not a big drinker of alcohol? But still love Jelly? How about trying our ‘alcohol free’ Jelly Shots mixture by substituting the alcohol portion for your favourite non-alcoholic drink (we recommend just adding more water).


Our Products

Jelly Time Kits come in quantities of 50 Shots,200 Shots or a MEGA 500 shots. Perfect for any size event.

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Starter Kit - 50 Shots


Party Pack - 200 Shots


Mega Kit - 500 Shots

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